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Basic informations

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves. NIKO papir is engaged in the production of paper products for more than 20 years. We are proud that we are one of the oldest companies in this branch of industry on the territory of Serbia.

Production we started in 1994 as a family business in the village Krušar near Cuprija. The mission of the company is the use of the finest raw materials, so that our customers can get the quality, hygiene and health completely correct products.

Our range of products includes a wide range of decorative and advertising napkins, toilet paper, toilet wipes, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper folding, medical blankets ... In addition to developing products under our name we also offer service cutting and service processing of paper.

We supply a large number of restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, coffee shops. Our customers are wholesale and retail outlets (fast food, home care ...)

If you are interested in products of our company, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our expert team is ready to offer you products from our range. We hope the successful cooperation to our mutual satisfaction. Welcome.


"Good quality products, fair prices, fast delivery and great professionalism. People are really maximum correct and honest and a pleasure to work with them. NIKO Papir - all recommendations ..."
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"The range of goods is excellent. Goods that pic of them really get the next day. Officers are always available and willing to help. No complaints. Congratulations ..."
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"Previous cooperation has been very correct. Each agreement is always respected, the products are satisfactory and the prices are affordable. I really have no complaints about the current joint business ..."
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"Extremely good and quality cooperation. I am pleased with the product quality and delivery of the same. When we need something out of their range mainly the very next day with me ..."
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